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I Pestati

From premium Pesto al Basilico Genovese DOP made to an exclusive recipe using all-Italian selected premium ingredients to a more affordable version made with predominantly Italian ingredients.
Rocket Pesto, Wild Garlic Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, Pistachio Pesto, Caper Pesto.

Discover Pinolosa

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A new savoury range that's perfect for catering and for impressing friends at home. Available in Bass and Asparagus, Zucchini and Shrimp, Pesto, Truffle, Porcini Mushroom, and Smoked Salmon flavours.

Gourmet cremes Made with 100% Italian butter and selected cheeses, blended with traditional ingredients like porcini mushrooms, walnuts, Italian truffle, 4 formaggi and smoked salmon. These ingredients are generously proportioned (15% porcini mushrooms, 30% walnut, 5% exclusively Italian truffle), making them ideal for professional use.

A range of traditional sauces in long-life versions, produced exclusively from selected ingredients including Tuscan tomato and Italian extra-virgin olive oil (dips for crostini, game ragù, vegetable and seafood sauces).
i crostini di casa lombardi

Nothing more Tuscan! Certainly they could not miss our typical sauces, to prepare excellent and genuine croutons.

TOMATO SAUCE made with ITALIAN Extra Virgin  Olive Oil and TUSCAN tomato, which allows to mix the most varied  ingredients, give life to sauces that exalt with any kind of pasta, the  queen of our tables. Prepared according to regional recipes and made  using only the finest quality ingredients, our tomato sauces are  handcrafted like those made by our grandmothers.

Typical  Tuscan and hunting meat sauces follow the traditional regional recipes,  characterized by slow cooking and low temperature. To prepare them,  only selected ingredients are used and the meat comes from controlled  and guaranteed supply chains. The use of an excellent extra virgin olive  oil of 100% Italian and wild aromas allows to enhance the  characteristic flavors of the meats.

Fish based sauces with its delicious sea food recipes that can not be missed in the Tuscan cuisine.
i sughi di casa lombardi

Produced by hand from fresh vegetables: Grilled Aubergine, Sauté Courgette, Tropea Onion, Sun-dried Tomato with Pantelleria Capers, Mixed Vegetable Jardiniere.
i sottolio di casa lombardi

Our products are packaged under our own and other brands, and we can also produce to the recipes specified by our clients, complete with bespoke packaging.
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