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Progetto POR FESR

“SOCIETA’ CREMALOMBARDI. Operazione/Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020”

The Company Cremalombardi snc works as a craft in manufacturing, wholesale marketing and towards the large-scale distribution of condiments. The company has benefited from the contribution made by the Region of Tuscany as the measure Tuscany ROP ERDF 2014-2020 "Call 2 Aid for energy efficiency projects in production processes", for the construction of the photovoltaic system 100 kWp to support the production of electricity useful in the production process of the company. The contribution to be paid in the form of grant amounts to a sum of about 58,369.00 in support of the entire cost of the intervention (design, supply and installation over the network connection).

The photovoltaic system is made up of n ° 1 photovoltaic generators compounded by No. 400 photovoltaic modules and inverters n ° 4 with the type of realization of building. The total rated power is 100 kWp for a production of 102,812.6 kWh per year distributed over an area of ​​652 square meters.

The phases have provided for the design, installation and testing, as well as connection to the system network with the aim of reducing energy consumption equal to 23.25% compared to current consumption and a reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other substances.

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