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Located near the Tuscan coast, between Pisa and Lucca, our activity was born in 1968 at the hands of its founder, Romano Lombardi and his experience in the agro-food industry.

In the early 1990's, the new generation started a profound business restructuring after learning the secrets to produce respecting the royalties of traditional Italian cuisine.

Today Crema Lombardi is a young and dynamic company - certified IFS BRC Bio - that has combined the use of artisan production with the most modern technologies in the respect of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

The raw materials are for 90% of Italian origin and possibly from local producers close to our company to respect our territory and the environment.

In order to safeguard the environment in 2015, we have installed a 100 KWp solar photovoltaic plant that allows us to produce over 63% of the energy we consume in the various production processes and the remaining energy used comes from renewable sources. Our packaging is all 100% recyclable.

A modern but traditional company, attentive to satisfy increasingly demanding consumers, attentive to the genuineness of raw materials and above all to the food safety of the products.

We have never used and do not use OGM products, Hydrogenated fats, dyes or palm oil.

We pay particular attention to more and more frequent food intolerances, so we ensure that our products are absolutely gluten-free.


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Crema Lombardi snc
Via del Beccaccino, 4
tel. +39 050 808829
p.iva e c.fisc 01305330506
fax. +39 050 808690
56019 ZI Migliarino Pisano - Vecchiano (PI)
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