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Crema Lombardi was founded by Romano Lombardi in Pisa, Tuscany, in 1968. Italy was riding the wave of an economic boom at the time, and Lombardi saw a gap in the market for ready sauces for people with no time to cook at home. He also understood that if his products were to be a success, they had to be made with the finest ingredients, following the time-honoured methods of the Italian culinary tradition.

Artisan Qualit Carefully selected ingredientsY:
Today, 50 years later, a second generation keeps Romano Lombardi's vision alive. Production now takes place in a modern, 1200 m2 factory using the most advanced machinery, but we remain faithful to our artisan origins. We select almost exclusively Italian, and if possible locally-sourced, ingredients, and share our founder's passion for our work.

Tradition meets innovation
We have BRC and IFS certification and produce a special range of organic products.

Respecting the environment
In 2015 we installed a 100 KWp photovoltaic plant that provides our factory with 63% of its energy needs.

We guarantee the safety of our products via stringent quality control procedures, and pay special attention to the needs of consumers with food intolerances, which are increasingly common in today's world: all our products are gluten free.
None of our products contains GM produce, hydrogenated fats, artificial colouring agents or palm oil.

Research and development:
Tradition, innovation and research:
the secret to a constantly-enriched product range.

Our fresh and preserved products come in formats ranging from 30 to 3000 grams.

We produce for the following channels:
• Retail
• Wholesale
• Own brand
• Horeca.

Our products are packaged under our own and other brands, and we can also produce to the recipes specified by our clients, complete with bespoke packaging.

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Crema Lombardi snc
Via del Beccaccino, 4
tel. +39 050 808829
p.iva e c.fisc 01305330506
fax. +39 050 808690
56019 ZI Migliarino Pisano - Vecchiano (PI)
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